After running in the CSCC Tintop series in 2012 with a best finish of 12th, I decided it was time for some driver training. After contacting David we arranged a track day at Oulton Park. I went along not knowing what to expect or how it would work and must confess to being a little nervous. On arrival I was met by David and no time was wasted, we sat down and David had already prepared a detailed map of the circuit and had highlighted turning in points, apexs etc.

Next it was in the car and still feeling a little nervous:  but I needn’t have worried David has a very relaxed and calm attitude in the car which in turn made me feel relaxed and more importantly confident. After each session out on circuit, we would again sit down and discuss lines and driving technique etc, making small changes but all done in a relaxed friendly way. By the end of the day, not only was I faster but smoother as well, not something I am normally renowned for.

In summary, I think we are all guilty of spending money on our cars to make them go “faster” rather than looking at the obvious: the person who presses the pedals. David said to me on the day, that the person who spends the longest on the accelerator sets the fastest time and with that fixed in my mind roll on the 2013 season!

Mark Wallwork (competitor in CSCC Tintops Series)


It is not everyday that one achieves their ambition of a lifetime yet that it was I did during a Friday test session at Oulton Park in 2011. My ambition was always to drive and race a “proper” racing car which is what I did when I drove my Formula Ford Van Dieman for the first time. A major factor in helping me to achieve my ambition was the help, support and guidance provided to me by David Bailey. David’s help and support started at an early stage when he helped me to find and then buy my car. This was crucial as it would have been very easy to buy the wrong one. Since buying the car David has prepared my car to the highest possible standards and has acted as team manager, driver coach and mentor. David’s great help, support and preparation skills have resulted in me finishing every race I have started in, no mechanical failures and a reduction in my lap times of over five seconds. In addition and most importantly I have enjoyed every single moment I have had with my car.

In conclusion I consider myself very lucky indeed to be able to work with David (an ex champion of Oulton in FF1600) who is not only a very quick driver but also a great teacher and coach and a very nice person. I would most certainly have no hesitation in recommending David to anybody who would like to learn how to drive both quickly and safely.


David Billington


March 2015, I spent a day at Oulton Park coaching Jason Gale in his Caterham Graduate Sigma. Although an experienced competitor, Jason had never raced at Oulton and I spent most of the day in car with him. The following day, Jason qualified on the front row and finished 2nd in his race.

“Thanks David. It was a great race, I missed the win by 0.019 sec. I’m more than happy with second though. I could not have learnt the track so quick without some help, so thanks again.”

Jason Gale competitor in Caterham Graduate Sigma Championship