2nd May BookaTrack Trackday Donington

The day after Silverstone, I was travelling back up the M6 stopping off at the BookaTrack HQ to help out on another busy trackday and evening session. Huge amounts of varied machinery out on track with finding a clear space a bit of a challenge! Fortunately, everyone was very courteous out on track and there were no incidents to report. The day was used by a lot of competitors who were out competing in that coming weekend’s Historic meeting. So, the paddock was full of amazing and gorgeous looking cars: with Chevrons, Lolas and Maserati’s a plenty. Myself & fellow instructor Stuart Jones spent ages wandering around the paddock, drooling!!

2014-05-02 13.24.57

2014-05-02 14.25.37

2014-05-02 16.13.44

2014-05-02 18.21.46

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