21st & 22nd May BookaTrack Magny-Cours

A busy week saw myself and fellow instructor Stuart Jones heading across the Channel in the BookaTrack Truck to the French circuit of Magny-Cours. This used to hold the French Grand Prix and , although we were only going to be using their club circuit, nonetheless, we were all very excited about the trip. We were hosting a corporate event for a group of guests that were travelling down to the Monaco Grand Prix, who were stopping off on route to have a bit of fun in the BookaTrack Caterhams! The guests arrived in some amazing supercars and had a very entertaining time out on the track. Once the event was over, Stuart & I then drove across to Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium to leave the truck over there for another event the following week. A great experience and another European circuit crossed off my list !

2014-05-22 10.50.11

2014-05-22 13.45.41

2014-05-22 18.30.12

2014-05-22 13.26.39

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