Two days down at Brands for the Race School, very busy couple of days. Had one really sunny day  the other a little damp & “autumnal” !! Back in the Aston again, happy days!!  

Had a “busman’s holiday” on the Sunday and went across to watch the final round of the Harewood Hillclimb Championship. One of my racing friends (John Wilkinson) had his son (Matthew)  competing in the formula ford that he normally races in the North West Championship. Had a great day: met up with a lot of people I hadn’t seen in years. can’t remember how long ago it was since I was last there. Anyway, managed to get to get Matthew …

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Saturday saw me back at my home circuit Oulton Park: not for a circuit based event but, something new for me: the Rally School. Spent the day as a host for the customers who were booked on the day.  Had a great time, glorious sunshine and even managed to watch some friends of mine racing during the lunchbreak!  

Off to Donington to spend a day with the Race School and another of their Supercar Performance days. Another busy day, reacquainted with my old friend the Aston Martin Vantage. really lucky with the weather as it looked as though rain was threatening all day.  

Wednesday 16th September saw me travelling down to Silverstone for another slickly run event by BookaTrack. We were using the full GP circuit and also the latest pit garages that the Formula 1 teams use. Had a great day looking after a small corporate group in one of BookaTrack’s Caterhams. Enjoyed the day which despite the best efforts of the weather stayed mainly dry. The long journey down was made all the more enjoyable by sharing with my old race …

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Sunday 1st September and I was at Oulton Park for one of their very popular experience days. Today I was sharing the JPLM ride car with my very good friend & fellow formula ford racer Dave Murphy. had a great day, very busy met loads of great people we even started christening everyone “Dave” to make easier for us to remember their names: much hilarity!!

Had a day at Blyton Park for a Supercar Experience company called Car limits first day working for them: great bunch of guys and a great day. Spent most of the day in an Audi R8

Sunday 25th August and I was helping to man the MSV promotions stand at Oulton Park for the Gold Cup meeting. really enjoyed the day: met loads of interesting people including one guy who come all the way from Australia to race his Brabham Formula 2 car and wanted some circuit tips. Great weather too. In the morning got to push the ex-Stirling Moss Lotus 18 across the paddock and later in the afternoon saw the ex Peter Gethin Chevron …

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The Race School had a Supercar Experience day up at Donington on Friday 23rd August. A very busy day : out in Porsche Turbo all day, no aircon and boy was it warm !!!

After quite a long break, my driver ,Dave Billington, was entered for the BARC pre-;90 race meeting at Oulton park. The Friday saw us carrying out a full days testing. Despite a damp start, the day was a great success and saw Dave improve his previous best time by just over 0.75 sec! Our only problem being a broken rear exhaust mounting. The race day dawned very cloudy and despite a dry start to the race, the heavens opened and …

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