Once more back to Oulton Park for another of BookaTrack’s Caterham “rent-a-drive” days. Again, a very cold day with a damp track surface giving trying conditions first thing in the morning. However. as the day progressed, conditions did improve and it was completely dry by the afternoon. Quite a busy day with several cars to keep an eye on. Help was at hand in the form of fellow BAT instructor and old sparring partner Stuart Jones.

Sunday 1st December saw me at Oulton Park for the final MSV Race School Day. I was on duty in the JPLM car carrying out the Super Rides that had been booked. Conditions were very cold but dry. After my first few runs, the drizzle began to fall and with the temperature being so low, it was impossible to work any heat into the slick tyres. So, I decided to switch to wets which transformed the car. Late afternoon I …

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With hings now starting to quieten down a little on the instruction front, I decided to turn my attentions back to Dave Billington’s Formula Ford and to continue its pre 2014 season rebuild and check over. Car is now basically fully stripped, with all 4 corners being removed, so that the dampers can be sent away for inspection, steering rack can be rebushed and a large amount of cleaning can begin!

Final Race School event of the year was at Rockingham and , once again, I was teamed up with the Aston Martin Vantage. Wonderful car: British craftsmanship at its best and, most importantly, a terrific heater !!

Back to my “local” and possibly my favourite track in the UK: Oulton Park. BookaTrack had a host of their Caterhams out on hire and I was assigned to two of them for the day. Two great guys, despite very little experience, both improved really well throughout the day. Very cold day again but , at least it kept dry.

Managed to do a full day at Rockingham for a VW day. This was organised via the Race School. As instructors we were basically in car ( all VW products of course) being driven around the circuit by lads who had successfully completed their aprenticeships. Interesting day with some of these lads having covered amazing distances to be there for the day. All VW products were present for the day including: VW, SEAT, Bentley & Skoda. After careful consideration, I …

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Having got back from Spa, I had to resume work on Dave Billington’s Formula Ford. With the engine now out, I decided that I needed to take it across to Neil Bold (ace engine builder of this parish) for him to work his magic. Don’t expect to have an update until the New Year, so watch this space.

I had a late call from BookaTrack to go across to Belgium and join them on their final weekend at Spa. My third visit of the year: still as amazing as ever: incredible circuit! Great organisation as always, very cold on the Saturday but dry. Wet and very cold on the Sunday, in fact after my first run of the morning, came back into the pits complaining that I couldn’t feel my fingers: it was freezing!! Great event as always, …

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Two days down at Brands for the Race School. Spent both days in Aston Martin Vantage: one of my favourite cars. Difficult conditions at first, with a damp greasey surface but, a good 2 days to round the year off at this popular venue.

Saturday 2nd November and I was at Silverstone with BookaTrack for a Caterham Academy Day. Very busy day started in the gravel trap at Vale on the first lap and the day also ended in the same gravel trap !! Can’t fault these guys’s enthusiasm but, they need to learn to brake a little more! Highlight of the day was seeing this historic Chevron in the garages