A busy week saw myself and fellow instructor Stuart Jones heading across the Channel in the BookaTrack Truck to the French circuit of Magny-Cours. This used to hold the French Grand Prix and , although we were only going to be using their club circuit, nonetheless, we were all very excited about the trip. We were hosting a corporate event for a group of guests that were travelling down to the Monaco Grand Prix, who were stopping off on route …

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Sunday and I was back at my local circuit, Oulton Park, for a Race School Day. This is an event where the guests get to drive around one of the UK’s most challenging circuits in a BMW M3 and then a full blown single seater racing car. These days are always very busy and today was no exception. Blessed with great weather, the day went well and everyone had an amazing time.

I had my first outing with the Porsche Car Club trackday guys over on Anglesey. A lovely picturesque setting for a very technical circuit. A full house of Porsches saw me in and out of car all day, meeting up with some some first time novices in their road going pride & joy right through to the avid track day enthusiast in their stripped out race cars. Some amazing cars were on show and hopefully I’ll back again working with …

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Friday and I was across in the East at Elvington (also the home to York Aircraft Museum) this was for a Supercar Experience day for 6th Gear. A huge venue, Elvington is marked out with a huge number of cones, marking out a makeshift circuit. Today I was in the Audi R8 which you can see in the photo. The car has an incredibly torquey V8 engine and 4 wheel drive making it a firm favourite amongst guests.

A couple of days after Oulton, I was down in Corby at Rockingham Motor Speedway for one Race School’s Supercar Experience Days.This actually turned out to be a corporate event with the guests taking it in turns to sample the full range of Supercars that the Race School has to offer. I was in the Aston Martin Vantage all day and met some great people. As you can see from the picture, the idea was to have all the cars …

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Tuesday 13th May and I was a lot closer to home and back at Oulton Park for one of their own popular track days. A very busy day with a good mixture of first timers and experienced drivers. No major issues throughout the day and a great day weather wise.

Monday and I was heading down to the “home of British Motorsport” :Silverstone. It was a small corporate event with 2 R300 Caterhams. A great day with a small group of fellow enthusiasts, one of whom I discovered lives literally round the corner from me: a small world! Mixed weather in the morning but a largely dry track in the afternoon ensuring that everyone had a great day.

Saturday and I was over at Blyton circuit: a pretty, technical little track that’s great for testing etc. I was there with 6th Gear on a Supercar Experience Day. My charge for the day was an Aston Martin DBS, a firm favourite with the customers. A lovely looking car that makes a great noise from its powerful V12 engine. A busy day that saw mixed track conditions with a combination of sunshine and showers.

Friday 9th May saw myself, nephew Tom & son Chris running Dave Billington & a first outing with Will Alterman in his Reynard 89FF. A damp start saw both drivers a little cautious to begin with but, as th e track began to dry, the times came tumbling down. Dave equaled his previous best ever time on very worn rubber. This was a great effort especially considering that this was his first outing since the sheared flywheel incident a few …

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8th May, and I was back at Donington for one of BookaTrack’s very popular summer evening session. With some great special offers on their R300’s, it was a busy 3 hours but, fortunately there wasn’t many stoppages so there was plenty of track time for everyone.